stage two
in action



Be inspired by our largest stage (70’W x 118’D x 27’H), a multi-cyc stage with bridge cranes and high-capacity chain motors. It’s amped with plenty of regulated power for big productions. As a point of reference as to the large size of this stage, the usable area can accommodate about six cars. Photographers and Directors appreciate the versatility of the stage and what it can accommodate; its features and size easily serve a wide variety of shoots, with the option to combine flying flats and light boxes, hoisted rigging, additional lighting effects, or even a downshot platform for high angle shots.

The stage features our unique and much-applauded KIRBY CANS, which were constructed from repurposed industrial shipping containers, comfortably and tastefully appointed with a home-away-from-home ambiance. The stage’s suite of KIRBY CANS include a full kitchen can, a make-up/wardrobe styling can, an upstairs conference room can, and a large production office/lounge can, where comfy leather couches, recliners, copy machine, coffee maker, generous work space and large screen TV are always a hit with crews and clients.

All of our productions receive individual attention from our dedicated staff, including an on-site stage manager who promptly attends to all the varied production needs. The large, driveable load-in door is conveniently adjacent to the private parking lot. All in all, this stage delivers an impressive environment with a creative, efficient and team-oriented production space.

Our Creative
Space Grows
Told by Jim Kirby