stage two
in action


Consistent with our program for continuing improvements, we are well on our way to providing yet another stage. Stage Three will offer two disperate spaces, a 1-cyc created especially for table top or fashion, coinciding with a 2-cyc for budget minded larger shoots. This forthcoming dual-stage offers a dedicated hair, make-up and wardrobe styling room.

Because we think in options and customization, we’re excited to add a unique moveable northLight lightbox. And when shoots on Stage One call for multiple sets, a moveable wall will create the place.

Stage One currently provides our guests with the grand suite of offices, lounge, kitchen and dining areas. However, we never stop thinking of more ways to make our services better. An all-new “client island” will provide clients the means to comfortably engage with the shoot up close.

Stage Two will have more altitude and attitude with a new client lounge. Snag a spot in the future cigar lounge to wind down after a long day. Both will be situated above the current Stage Two wardrobe, kitchen and conference rooms.

With so much new grooving additions to announce, please look to our Facebook and Twitter posts. We’ll keep you current with all our latest offerings.
Download the spec sheet here.

Our Creative
Space Grows
Told by Jim Kirby