kirby studios


Produce amazing shots in our unique dual-stage (50’W x 76’D x 27’H), a 2-wall cyc and 1-wall cyc stage with bridge cranes for combining flying flats or lightbox, chain motors and a smooth-painted concrete floor. It’s amped with plenty of regulated power; up to 1600 amps for commercial productions. Photographers have two shooting areas that can help keep modest budgets in line, or help photographers compete by combining a clients’ shoot needs into fewer days. For example: Set up green screen portraits, table top, or smaller product shoots in one area, and then use the larger set to accommodate up to one large automobile or two small ones, a group of singers, or other similar setups.

Crews enjoy the convenience and security of load-in through the large roll-up door connected to the private Kirby Studios parking lot, in addition to having plenty of free, private parking or unrestricted street parking, a lobby entrance, and key-card security access.

All of our productions receive individual attention from our dedicated staff, including an on-site stage manager who promptly attends to all the various production needs. All in all, this stage delivers an impressive environment with a creative, efficient and team-oriented production space.

Our Unique
Stage Campus
Told by Jim Kirby