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Welcome to Kirby Studios, a premier multi-stage, state-of-the-art photography studio and production facility located in the Los Angeles area, conveniently near the 405 freeway and the Long Beach Airport.

Kirby Studios includes one large multi-wall cyc, one large 3-wall cyc, and a two-space stage with both a 1-wall cyc and 2-wall corner cyc, as well as space for a tabletop shoot. Our photo stages and entrances have optimal high security and the studio location is “in the Zone” and out of the drone zone.

Our production campus is in the game to support various productions from single to multi-car automotive shoots, product, people, fashion, sets, or tabletop. Kirby Studios welcomes commercials, videos and still shoots, as well as the opportunity to stage a long-term film or TV set. The spacious and flexible spaces are ideal for market and product research clinics, product walkarounds, and consumer focus groups.

Take time to view our site which showcases our newly equipped stages, and well appointed interior spaces which were designed from repurposed shipping containers we call the “CANS”. Clients appreciate having a quiet enclosed lounge or conference room, while crews dig having a full kitchen, dining area, and wardrobe/makeup CAN. Our newest stage comes with wardrobe/makeup CAN as well as client base camp outfitted with comfy ammenities.

Please see more information on our downloadable PDF.

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2701 Signal Pkwy, Long Beach, CA 90755.